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Our mission is to provide with the means that enable multidisciplinary research and innovation developed based on the Matrix-Q Body of Work.


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Time Line

1993 the founder of the Matrix-Q Research Institute intent to solve challenges for which multidisciplinary research, skills and tools were requiered. With focus on human capital development, (personal) leadership and social impact our founder traveled and applied the newly developed know how in a variety of cultures and markets. By completing a series of stages in his research studies, integration of disciplines and development of new methodologies that will serve better multidisciplinary work, in 2016 did register the Matrix-Q Research Institute under the Umbrella of the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, which will care for the protection of the Matrix-Q Body of Knowledge and its legacy for future generations. 

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of the Matrix-Q Research Institute



Matrix-Q Licenses for commercial use of the Matrix-Q Innovations

The Matrix-Q Standard is a technical system with a methodology applied for research &  innovation. Developed based on the Matrix-Q Body of Knowledge. Its unique algorithms and mathematics system combined with a multidisciplinary approach enable the creation and development of disruptive human-inclusive solutions. (Multidisciplinary research and development 1993-2018). 

Matrix-Q Label for start ups and organizations that implement a set of Matrix-Q Innovations

Matrix-Q User Certificates given to Matrix-Q Akademia students after completion of a training program.


  • The Matrix-Q Body of Work (1993-2019-), its background Multidisciplinary Research, Development & Innovation, has been registered in more than 600+ e-publications and 900 hours of audio and video. 
  • Author: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Matrix-Q Collections are curated and selected Matrix-Q publications according to spcific topic of interest. 

Matrix-Q Story telling symbolic language (PSL) utilized for transfer of knowledge. 

Matrix-Q Exclusive A membership category of services which provide the user to access to 1-2-1 tailor-made communication with the author, researcher, questions, answers, video interviews and video lessons.

Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Research Magazine A collection of research projects and innovations updates from the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. A scientific peer review  project specialized in Matrix-Q Body of Work Research & Applications ( See Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Research Pool)



Matrix-Q Research is a tailor made service provided to business, start up, universities, public and private organizations. Consultancy, advisory are complementary and provided under request.

Matrix-Q Think Tank is a moderated communication and collaboration event with focus on an specific problem or challenge. Matrix-Q Lean Learning & Matrix-Q Lean Thinking methodologies will be utilized for this service.

Matrix-Q Talents is program dedicated to university or technical institutes students or natural talents without academic acreditation, which encourages in them the love for knowledge and multidisciplinary research, development and innovation. 

  • Multidisciplinary research collaboration projects
  • Innovative multidisciplinary research methodology (Matrix-Q R&D Innovation Tools)
  • Research Lead: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Matrix-Q Innovation focus on social impact, human capital, circular economy, climate change, sustainable development, education, biotechnology, materials and technology.

Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Research Pool is a fellowship program for researchers that would like to join the Matrix-Q Research Institute and acquire Matrix-Q Knowledge, Skills, Tools, Data & Standard.

Matrix-Q Fields of Research:  As a multidisciplinary research organization we do not engage into lineal or unidimensional expertise or research studies, yet we also have a focus on topics of interest:

  • Human Potential - DNA Studies - Neuroscience - Learning
  • Life Span - Antiaging - Immunology 
  • Artificial Intelligence - Quantum Computing - Technology 4.0
  • Mathematics - Algorithms 
  • Human Intelligence, Human Behavior
  • Systemic Strategic Management, Leadership
  • Social Impact - Impact Investment - Economy
  • Sustainable Development - Circular Economy -  Climate Change - SDG2030 17 Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations
  • Performing Arts, Story Telling & Culture Development
  • Ancient Cultures and Civilizations Nature Inspired Knowledge & Technology


Matrix-Q Traditional Akademia is continious training program inspired in (nature) classic knowledge, pure geometry, mathematics, algorithms.

Matrix-Q Prime Do  nature and geometry inspired brain gym and brain performance ehnancement program achieved through the practice of a re-discovered ancient martial arts (sword, bow, long stick, katas), performing arts, sonic-auditive therapy and sensory awareness.

[Prime Do URL

Matrix-Q Presentations focus on multidisciplinary research projects status, innovation achievements,  or multidisciplinary archeology expeditions outcome. 45-90 min.

  • Education services with focus on Matrix-Q Body of Work, Matrix-Q Research & Innovations
  • Matrix-Q Certificates and licenses are provided after completion of the respective training programs.
  • Director: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Matrix-Q Expeditions Multidisciplinary archeology expeditions with focus on the study of nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.

Matrix-Q Technology 4.0 

Focus on Matrix-Q Knowledge applied to R&D Innovation in the field Technology: Smart Apps, Data Analysis, Big Data, Algorithms, Data Generation, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Edge Computing, Quantum Computing, IoT, Cyber Security, Encryption, Cloud-Services, e-Games, e-Learning, V.R., A.R., NLP, Facial Recognition and others facilitated through training modules and 72 New Collar Certificates. 

Matrix-Q Master Class focus on multidisciplinary research projects status, innovation achievements,  or multidisciplinary archeology expeditions outcome. 3-5 hours.

Matrix-Q Research  provides training modules dedicated to the already published results of Matrix-Q Research.

Matrix-Q Sustainable Development

Focus on Matrix-Q Knowledge applied to R&D Innovation in the field sustainable development: social impact, impact investment, SDG2030 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations, Climate Change, Education, Circular Economy, Gender Equity Effectiveness.

Matrix-Q Games focus on serious gaming sessions. LARP, e-Games, Board games, Adventure Games. 

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Matrix-Q Recruiting we find the ideal Matrix-Q Certified candidate for your human capital needs.

Human Capital DNA Match with Business DNA (projects, team, job positions, challenges, customers, strategies)

  • We provide Human DNA Assessment & Recruiting Services for Human Capital Investments.
  • We provide training to candidates to the job positions you need to fill, we test them and help them acquire the necessary complementary knowledge, skills, tools, certificates and licenses.
  • After evaluation we deliver to you the best candidates for your final decision.

Matrix-Q Investment Protection 

Quantification of human capital Value

Protection of the investment in human capital

Matrix-Q Training & Certification in collaboration with the Matrix-Q Akademia, tailor made capacity building programs. Matrix-Q Certificates & Licenses are provided to your employees or candidates to employees.

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