Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab

Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab

Participate and contribute

  • The Matrix-Q Lab members gather to co-create
  • We address global, local, social, and human species pressing issues, with multidisciplinary, holistic, innovative, service-driven leadership, and purpose-driven entrepreneurship
  • We co-invest together in scalable and systemic solutions
  • WHO: Creative mindsets, innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs *
  • WHEN: Please get in touch with us for more details
  • HOW: The recruiting program is managed by the Matrix-Q Human Capital 
  • Or you can directly contact us here

  • (*) Only for members of the Matrix-Q Club

How does it work?

  • In order to join the Matrix-Q Innovation Lab, you need to complete the following steps
  • Inform us of your interest, or intention to join us (Write us an e-mail)
  • Share with us your experience as a researcher, creator, innovator and entrepreneur
  • Indicate in your e-mail the innovation challenges you are interested in
  • We will invite you to a 20 min FREE Webinar with information about the Matrix-Q Innovation Lab and the 4 Paths you can take to join us 
  • The Matrix-Q Research Institute & Matrix-Q Challenge Platform will give you a first challenge online


  • After completion of a challenge, you receive points, rewards, and prizes, including memberships, training units, coaching, time-sensitive opportunities, target bonus, cash or more challenges
  • You will be invited to join purpose-driven & impact-driven business projects, to develop with a team together an MVP/Prototype, complete an incubation process, startup and scale up
  • As immediate benefits, you may become eligible to receive royalties, self-sustainability resources, target bonuses, licenses, certificates, or shares 

WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE? Please Write us an e-mail or send us a message in WhatsApp to +31626673380