Matrix-Q Ecosystem

Partnership, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The mission of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem is to contribute with Global Sustainable Development by implementing Matrix-Q Research, Development & Innovation.


Members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem have the commitment to apply Matrix-Q Body of Knowledge according to their possibilities, as individual entrepreenurs, companies, public or private organizations.

Members are as well partner organizations and advisors that support and contribute with the development of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem

Join the Matrix-Q Ecosystem



  1. Contact us, inform us on your intention with this web-form.
  2. Interview: along the interview we will run a brief assessment of your organization or professional needs and identify how Matrix-Q Knowledge, tools, skills, data, technology or standard can help you.
  3. Complete the process of certification and license.
  4. If eligible, the respective membership included in the license agreement.


  1. Invitations to join exclusive events dedicated to inform you on the new outcomes of research, development and innovation.
  2. Yearly up-grade training and certification
  3. Priority network and R&D collaboration agreemets among members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem.
  4. Promotion of the Matrix-Q Body of Knowledge
  5. Participation in the Matrix-Q Traditional Academia [URL]
  6. If eligible, join the Pool Matrix-Q of multidisciplinary researchers.
  7. If eligible, join the Pool of Matrix-Q Consultants


License Holders members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem listed blow

  • Matrix-Q Start Ups
  • Matrix-Q Research Institute Projects (Pre Incubation)
  • Matrix-Q Akademia
  • Matrix-Q Human Capital Services
  • Matrix-Q Research, Development & Innovation
  • Matrix-Q Label Holders
  • Matrix-Q License Holders
  • Matrix-Q Bank - Tokens System
  • Advisors & Partners

Ecosystem Projects

Our members collaborate by

  • Providing services together
  • Providing compound services together
  • Developing and promoting a Matrix-Q Market
  • Creating a token-based inner economy
  • Innovation, research & development of new know how, products and solutions
  • Providing in-house capacity development programs with focus on new competences and skills for human capital (Matrix-Q Certificates, Licenses)

Start Ups

Our mission is to protect the investment in hybrid capital: Human + A.I. + Automatons
We measure the impact of investment in human capital


  • Technology and humanity can rise together and in harmony with each other.


  • Matrix-Q Reality utilizes a data-driven lean learning methodology for the assessment of the impact of investment in capacity building programs (human learning), aiming to a more effective management of hybrid capital: Human + A.I. + Automation.

Our mission is to provide with the means that enable innovation and implementation of human-inclusive circular economy

We provide cloud-based data-driven and automated services for assessment, innovation, capacity building and score-card 


  • 3-Fold Human-Inclusive Circular Economy addresses:
    USERS of machines, technology and materials
    CONSUMERS of biological products
    HUMANS by including people with distance to labor market


  • Human-Inclusive Circularity
    Including people with distance to labor market

Our mission is to optimize the management of the Investment in Human Capital: Human + A.I. + Automatons

We provide Online and in-premises consultancy, coaching and training services. 


  • Profiling & Quantification of Value
  • Trapped Value Release
  • Leadership Development Program
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Development
  • SDG2030 Compliance
  • Management Knowledge
  • Complexity Applied
  • Start Ups Program
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Matrix-Q Certificates & Licences
  • Gamified Leadership Training on the Cloud BIZNETƟ [URL]


  • Prevention

  • Repairing

  • Maintenance

  • Enhancement

  • Effectiveness

  • Capacity

  • Circularity

  • Happiness at work: Family-Life-Work Balance


Our mission is to provide with the means that enable  human capital enhancement 

We provide outdoors and in-premises experiential and gamified trainings.

Prime-Do, The Path of the Primordial Hero, is an ancient algorithmic experiential art for human enhancement, which involve the prctice of 9 primordial arts. It has been rediscovered by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, thanks to the study of geometry, mathematics and algorithms of nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.


  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Brain GYM
  • Sonic-Visual therapy human-brain performance enhancement.
  • Personal Leadership
  • Matrix-Q Lean Learning & Lean Thinking applied to daily life.
  • Systemic strategic thinking applied to leadership
  • Family-Life-Work Balance


  • Martial arts (self-defense) : sword, bow, long stick
  • Algorithmic Performing arts
  • Algorithmic Music
  • Algorithmic Story Telling (Primordial symbolic language PSL) 
  • The 9 primordial principles of health, happiness and joy
  • House-Hold & Family 
  • Emotional Intelligence skills for the 9 Primordial Economies & Matrix-Q Circularity
  • Primordial Yoga  
  • Primordial Breathing

Our mission is to provide with the means that enable innovation and entrepreneurship for the achievement of the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals suggested by the United Nations.

We provide Consultancy, R&D Collaboration.


  • Matrix-Q Tools for SDG Innovation

  • Matrix-Q Tools for SDG Entrepreneurship

  • Matrix-Q DNA Profiling of the SDG 
  • Matrix-Q SDG Leadership Development Program

Our mission is to create and develop a global culture of peace through the knowledge and praxis of Matrix-Q Algorithmic Performing Arts.

"We bring culture into algorithmic motion" - LDMF


  • Permanent praxis circle (arts community)


  • Pax Primordialis (Peace, SDG2030 and performing arts)
  • Matrix-Q A.I. Artificial Intelligence applied to Matrix-Q Algorithmic Performing Arts

Our mission is to provide with the means that enable the implementation of the 9 economies in the market.

"By becomming aware of the 9-Economies stake holders identify new opportunities for innovation, liberate trapped value, perceive new forms of data, learn and acquire new knowledge and tools, that enables the generation of value, wealth and sustainable growth" - LDMF

The Matrix-Q SDG Bank [Global Sustainable Development Goals Bank]  is an research experiment developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute on “The 9 Economies” [ See “The 9 Economies in a Nutshell”“The 9 Economies Extended” ]

The experiment has its geographical limits in the Netherlands, and Digital Limits into the Matrix-Q Digital Ecosystem.

At the first stages of this experiment, the Matrix-Q (Tokens, Credits, Digital Currency = Suns) will be released in the form of 9 categories [The 9 Economies Types], and for each of them a number of Matrix-Q currency digital denominations [Matrix-Q Suns].


Germanix Learning focuses on developing gamified language learning experiences which are immersive, story-driven and entertaining

"We provide an immersive german language journey" - B.C.

  • Learning a new language is a long journey. While not everyone has the luxury to travel to other countries to experience language immersion, a simulated journey would be a good substitution where learners can immerse themselves in an adventure with the objective of practicing real life situations and challenges. 
  • This leads to a more engaged learning experience that facilitates better knowledge retention

Germanix is holder of the Matrix-Q Education Label Alpha since march 2018



Partners & Advisors are not holders of Matrix-Q Licenses.

We are grateful for their engagement and commitment to support The Matrix-Q Ecosystem development 


Accenture Scale up Academy


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