Collective Quantum Consciousness

Collective Quantum Consciousness Experiment

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Why Quantum Consciousness? When do we need it?

In the last century, the greatest challenge for our civilization was to acknowledge the value of individual choice and to create and develop a culture that respects and appreciates it.

In the current century, our greatest challenge is to add to our individuality (consciousness) a next layer of connection, with the collective, at the same time, like 2+ (and more)  layers of systemic consciousness. 

The Matrix-Q Research Institute is studying Quantum Collective Consciousness by utilizing the Matrix-Q Method

How do you contribute?

The surveys you will fill in will generate data we will analyze by utilizing Matrix-Q Data-Driven Analysis Algorithms and Matrix-Q A.I. Engine (Big Data Analysis)


The outcome of our studies, with this and other programs, will be published in the Matrix-Q Magazine