Experiential Projects

Experiential Projects

"Explore into the scientific knowledge and receive the benefits of applying it for your needs."

It is the aim of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, to bring the knowledge achieved through scientific research into daily life, by developing and innovating in disruptive solutions that fit into nowaday needs.   

The Experiential Projects welcome partners, collaborators, interns, students and customers.  Fields:  business, government, family, human development, sustainable development, social management, technology and others.


Sustainable Development Entrepreneurs  [WEBSITE url]

Provide an online platform, dedicated to network, e-learning, collaboration, and sharing of Holistic Strategic Management Know How & Matrix-Q Assessment Tools useful for SDG Entrepreneurs.


Peace Work through Performing Arts [WEBSITE url]

Matrix-Q Intelligence (Human Potential Studies, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Self-Management) applied to performing arts, non violence, communication. Artistic Productions focus on awareness rising and promotion of SDGs (peace, gender inclusivity, equality, human rights, sustainable development, animal welfare...). Casting, Training and Arts Production.


Gamified Leadership & Effectiveness Training [WEBSITE url]

Learning by playing. Organization (network) culture development through a gamified training program in two modalities: online or experiential. Clusters of players face together challenges and learn on multidiscplinary collaboration, perception and the culture of the own organization: mission statement.

MQ9 Matrix-Quotient 9

Strategic Leadership, Effectiveness & Family Life Work Balance [WEBSITE url]

MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] develops and provides solutions for the advancement of Strategic Leadership, Effectiveness & Family-Life-Work Balance.   For the development and implementation of our solutions we utilize human potential knowledge (Matrix-Q Intelligence) combined with gamified, holistic, synergetic, systemic and nature inspired methods.


Consultancy Services  [WEBSITE url]

Matrix-Q Consultancy offers the most advanced methods developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute dedicated to Business/Organization/City consultancy:

  • SDG Assessment & Integration
  • Holistic Strategic Management
  • Corporate Immunology
  • Time Reversible Algorithms for Business
  • Business Culture Change
  • Mission Statement & Human Factor


Users Certificates, Licenses, Rank, Label, Standard [WEBSITE url]

Since 1993, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken has implemented and advanced a standard, result of his research (body of work), with multidisciplinary applications.

1.) Assessment & 2.) Licenses


Certificates & Licenses

The Matrix-Q Academy provides experiential learning on all the fields of scientific research and experiential projects of the Matrix-Q Research Institute.

Coaches & Trainers

Matrix-Q Assessment Tools, Matrix-Q-Coaching and Matrix-Q Education methods. Certificates and licenses. Candidates may start an internship program or take full day or weekend trainings.

CXOs - Leadership

Matrix-Q  Tools for strategic management and leadership. Certificates & Licenses for coaches, and CXOs. Candidates may start an internship program or take full day or weekend trainings.

Matrix-Q Intelligence Tests

Matrix-Quotient of Intelligence refers to the individual, collective or organizational ability to solve challenges by approahcing them from several perspectives simultaneously. Tests and assessment are provided under request.


Multidisciplinary research expeditions to locations with unique natural conditions or with archeological and cultural value. Mostly focus on research on nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient civilizations and cultures.  Candidates may participate as volunteers, interns, students of experiential courses provided along the expeditions or customers (including culture and travel package).


500+ digital publications, 900 hours video and audio, available for our customers, intterns and partners.

Prime Do

The Path of the Primordial Hero [WEBSITE url]

Scientific Research on ancient martial arts (nature inspired system) which enhances Matrix-Quotient of Intelligence.

  • Non Violence, Self-Management

Effectiveness,  Leadership

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