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The Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (LDMF) is a non profit organization registered in the Netherlands (KVK Nr. 66225345 ) dedicated to research, consultancy, education and technology innovationbased on the scientific research and body of work of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (founder).

The Matrix-Q Research Insitute is a project of the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, as for a unit dedicated to scientific research and technology innovation. Now operating online through a digital platform..

Focus: to explore life, and let nature inspire us with its holistic, systemic and synergetic skills for solution making.

Fields of Research:

  • Human Potential - DNA Studies - Neuroscience - Life Span
  • Artificial Intelligence - Quantum Computing - Mathematics
  • DNA Generation Algorithms - Holistic Algorithms
  • Matrix-Q Intelligence, Human Potential
  • Strategic Management, Leadership, Social Management, Education, Sustainable Development, Arts
  • Ancient Cultures and Civilizations Holistic Know How & Technology.


Research Consultancy

We provide support (Matrix-Q Research Tools, Licenses, Consultancy, Coaching, Training) to researchers and research organizations in our fields of expertise.

Keynote Presentations & Master Class

Foundation Knowledge and innovation result of our research.

Provided online, or under request in The Netherlands, Eurasia or Overseas.


The Matrix-Q Research Magazine

Updates of our research projects, new publications, presentations, courses and events. [More...]


Directory of our publications, collections, subscriptions for readers and online stores. [More...]

Research Gate Network

Multidiscplinary Research Collaboration Projects and Time Lines of Research Projects. [More...]

e-Library & e-Learning: Knowledge Base - Body of Work Archive

Subscription or membership based access to Matrix-Q Research Insititute Publications and e-learning programs.

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